gotradelive mobile

gotradelive - mobile trading

The gotradelive mobile platform is easily accessible from any smart phone with internet access.

Simply go to

This mobile web site is optimized for use on a mobile phone and therefore has a more limited set of functions designed to help you manage your trading activity while you don’t have access to a computer.

To Login, just enter your existing user name and password, and this will take you to the Home Screen which includes the following menu options:

  • Quick trade Start selling or buying by inviting your selected private networks to bid on pre-loaded items that you wish to trade.
  • My trades Manage your live trades (and view the results of your closed trades) with options to view items and bids received, send reminders and view contacts invited.
  • Trade invites View all the trading events you have been invited to and make bids on live items.
  • My bids Track your bids through to when a trade closes and make new bids on items to ensure you win.
  • Contacts Add new contacts to your networks.
  • Newsfeed Check out the latest news from your networks and make comments.
  • Messages Review messages sent and received and make replies as required.