Simple steps to run and control a trade:

Once you have set up the trade, you are in complete control. There are a few easy things you can do during the trading process:

Know who has looked over your trades

During the trading period, you can review who from your contact list has reviewed your trades and might be interested.

Trade Report

Review the bids coming in live

You can view in real-time the trading activity and what bids are coming in for your items. In procurement trades you can accept or reject bids.

Message traders and bidders with updates and reminders

You can easily communicate at any time with bidders and sellers with new updates to trading information or reminders to take action.

Edit item details or invite additional bidders on the fly

If you need to edit add any item details for clarification or as volumes or requirements change, or add additional bidders, you can do that at any time during the trade.

End the trade whenever you like

You can end the bidding on any item and at any point during the trade. Last second poaching is avoidable through an automatic trading period extension, adjustable by you.

Send final / winning email confirmation

You can send notification to congratulate the winner and work out details of how to close the transaction.