Frequently asked questions

What does gotradelive do?

gotradelive enables businesses to succeed by trading more freely. Our social commerce platform gives small and medium sized businesses a new competitive advantage in the way they sell, source and promote products and services within their confidential customer and supplier networks.

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How is gotradelive different from other online trading platforms?

gotradelive is fully under the control of the user to set the parameters of the trade, invite a private network of bidders, and communicate and adjust the trade as necessary.

gotradelive is free, unlike other online trading platforms, which take a significant fee from each transaction.

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How much does gotradelive cost?

The service is free, and usage is not limited.

We provide upgrade options to allow users to customize the tools and take more control of the customized branding of their client-facing pages and communications.

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How much is an upgrade and what does that give me?

Please click here to view available upgrade options.

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What types of products are best suited to sell on gotradelive?

There are no limits to what can be traded on the platform but time-sensitive, excess inventory, perishable sales and procurement items are the most common.

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How much product do I need to start trading?

It doesn’t matter, because the basic platform is free, and there is no restriction on the number of times you set up a trade or the number of items you include in each trading session. You can use it to sell items one at a time or in bulk quantities - you decide. In fact, you may want to set up trades of smaller quantities of items to see what the market appetite is for a product or service.

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Why would I use gotradelive?

Most product businesses need to move goods faster and more efficiently and are challenged with how to best handle excess, slow moving, perishable, end-of-life or low-margin items. gotradelive allows you to move product freely, improving the speed and efficiency in quickly finding the best buyers and best prices for selling excess inventory. It brings new trading freedom to this process by eliminating add-on costs and constraints associated with other online trading platforms.

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How does the company make money?

gotradelive makes money from advertising placed on the site and also from the users who choose to take the upgrade options and other services offered.

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How does the gotradelive platform work?

gotradelive is a simple and intuitive trading platform. With four easy steps you can start trading in minutes

1. Sign on to and register (once)

2. List your products or services

3. Invite whom you choose to bid

4. Email invitation to contacts and receive their best offers

For more information, visit the how it works page.

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How do I get started trading?

You need to register your email address first by creating a password and signing the terms and conditions. The basic service is free. Then just follow the simple instructions on this page as you go through an easy four-step process.

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Who is currently trading on gotradelive?

There are already thousands of users on gotradelive. You can invite your own network of contacts to join gotradelive so you can all share in the benefits. When you upload your contacts to the platform you will be able to see who is already registered to use gotradelive and who is new to the platform.

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Are gotradelive trades public or private?

You decide whom you invite to your trading events, which means by default they are private events and only open to those people you specifically invite. Also, each invitee cannot see who else is invited.

However, if you choose, you can publicize the trading event by placing a link dedicated to the trade on a website or other public forum. If you do that, gotradelive cannot verify or check the authenticity of anyone who selects to access your trade and make a bid.

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Can I use gotradelive for procurement of goods and services?

gotradelive has a procurement management tool as one of its core services, and it includes downward or reverse bidding functionality used to obtain the best possible price from suppliers.

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How is buying different from selling on the platform?

The procurement tool does not just work on price, as we recognize that suppliers’ proposals may vary on other terms that are just as important to the buyer. Therefore, the buyer has to deliberate each bid to determine which one is to be accepted.

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When I’ve accepted a bid for my items, who handles the terms, billing, or shipping of the items?

gotradelive leaves it to the trading parties to agree and implement their own settlement instructions.

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How do I build or grow my network of contacts for a trade?

You can source your own list of potential new traders from a reliable third party data source, advertise or gather new connections from a variety of sources ( i.e. social media ).

gotradelive believes that businesses are aware of many more contacts than they currently regularly do business with. Expanding your business may be as easy as increasing your proportion of active accounts and gotradelive is ideal for stimulating this activity.

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How do I communicate with my contacts before and during a trade?

You can use email to invite your contacts to start a trade, or if you have all your contacts using gotradelive, you could message them from within the platform using the news stream or messaging tools.

When a trade is live, you can send messages via the mail tools (in either direction: trader to bidder, and vice versa.) Alternatively, you can look up the user’s profile to see if they have other contact details visible.

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Who is behind gotradelive?

gotradelive is led by seasoned experts in trading and high profile technology brands. The founders’ executive management team bios are available here.

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How is the company funded?

gotradelive is a privately funded business.

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Whom can I contact for assistance with trading?

The tools are designed to be very easy and intuitive to use. If you should need assistance, please click on the "Contact Us" page here and we’ll be happy to help.

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How do I keep track of trades once a bid is in place?

Once you have made a bid, the item will be added to your 'Following' list. If you are outbid, then you will be notified by email. You can also access the history of the bids you have made under the ‘My Bids’ section of the site. After trades are finished, the bids are included in either your ‘won’ or ‘didn’t win’ records.

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How should I set my reserve price?

If you have chosen to set a reserve price, then it must be higher than the starting price. How much higher is up to you, but remember, people will be able to see if their winning a trade but the reserve is not met.

If you chose to not put a reserve price in then the system needs the field to have a 0 (zero) in it - this is set by default.

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How do I make it faster to enter multiple items for bid or contacts for a trade?

It is possible to enter multiple items or contacts into gotradelive. The data needs to be imported from either a spreadsheet or csv file. When uploading the data, the user has to identify which column of data applies to each required field.

Items and contacts can be pre-loaded into the ‘contacts’ section or the ‘saved items’ section of the site before starting to set up a trade. This is recommended as the best way to manage large amounts of data.

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Can I trade with contacts in different countries?

Contacts can be organized into many different networks. Each contact can belong to several networks at one time. This makes it easy to select different groups of contacts required for trading or messaging.

Connections can be anywhere in the world. The platform will recognize their time zone and also their local currency and make the appropriate conversions (exchange rate conversions are only a guide to a mid-market foreign exchange rate). The trader decides on the currency in which the trades will be made.

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What should I set as the end date of a trade, and can I change that?

You can choose any end date in the future for your trade event, however you should leave enough time for your invited audience to view the items and make any bids.

It is not possible to change the end date of an event once it has started, we would suggest that it is very simple to cancel the event by ending bidding on all the items and simply relist the trade with a new end date and time. Relisting a trade copies a previously set up trade with all the item and contact information.

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